St. Barnabas Youth Creates!

The St. B. Youth had a mission – to give their Youth Group a name and vision that’s as cool as they are! 😎

This is being led by Sydney (aka Mrs. V.) and Brad (aka Mr. B.), our fearless leaders!

Our Youth are taking the reins and making this ministry truly theirs. There’s a hint of T-shirts with the new logo in the air!

Wednesday night, creativity was in full swing as the Youth crafted beaded artwork that will jazz up the Youth Group invitations. Each youth member will be handing out invitations to attend Youth Group, to fellow students at St. Barnabas School, at their school, or to a friend.

This is part of the grand plan to share Jesus in a relative manner. We have been discussing how follow Jesus in our everyday lives. We agreed that kindness and hospitality are important factors in welcoming new people. The beaded artwork aren’t just invitations; they’re little bundles of kindness ready to be shared.☀️✨