St. Barnabas Honduras Mission

Building relationships in Christ’s love, face to face and heart to heart.

Parish to Parish

St. Barnabas Church enjoys a church to church relationship with St. John the Evangelist in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

School to School

St. Barnabas School students share a unique relationship with St. Mary’s School students built on interaction through annual mission trips and via ZOOM. School to School they learn about their different cultures and their shared life experiences.

St. Barnabas Honduras Mission trip is a great way to serve, meet new friends and have some fun!

St. Barnabas sends a mission team to Honduras once or twice a year to spend time with St. John the Evangelist Church and St. Mary’s Episcopal (bi-lingual) School.

Help Students Learn English

St. Mary’s bilingual School is experiencing a teacher shortage.

You can make a great difference in a child’s education by conversing with them in English from your home computer.

St. Barnabas members volunteer via ZOOM to help the students with conversational English.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Judy Keen.

How to Participate

• Join the Mission Team and visit our church and our school in Honduras.

• Join the Support Team and consider ways to support the Honduras Mission.

Contribute financially to support the Mission.

• Contact a member of the St. Barnabas Mission Team and learn more.

A vibrant person-to-person ministry for Central Florida churches is the Parish-to-Parish Ministry.

This very face-to-face, heart-to-heart, hand-to-hand ministry calls for a five-year commitment between a church in the Diocese of Central Florida and a church in the Diocese of Honduras to get to know each other in order to mutually share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in whatever ways are most needed and most effective for both parishes.

What is most needed is a willingness to respond to God’s gentle nudge and take a next small step. “I never, ever thought about going to Honduras until I was given the opportunity. I found that all I needed was an openness and a willingness.”

Contact Fr. Comforted for more information, or call the Church Office: (386) 734-1814.

“They do so much with so little.”