A Fair to Remember

Many parishioners are unaware of St. Barnabas’ missions and ministries other than the ones in which they are involved. Although they all were aware of the three obvious ones—Faith at Work, St. Barnabas School, and the Counseling Center—how could they use the gifts they were given?

Thanks to Vestry member, Carlene Despard, everyone now has an idea of the scope of outreach available to us. There is “something for everyone.”

Carlene had an idea to showcase one ministry at a time with table display’s during coffee hour. Her original thought was expanded and a vision of a large form of communication to the parish was born.

The first Mission and Ministry Fair carried the message!

Last month in Harwood a veritable “trade show” took place. People representing 18 ministries proudly showcased their group with dynamic displays. They eagerly talked about what they do and how to join in.

The atmosphere was evidence that our parish has much to offer everyone called to serve God in outreach and in spiritual growth through prayer, study, and offerings of their gifts and talents.

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